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Inspection and Testing


Description: CE Mark - Vibration Testing in progress

Vibration Testing


Vibration Testing is a vital element in some products like the rock drill where the vibrations on the handle pose a significant health hazard for operators.

Inspection and Testing


CE Marking requires conformance of products to European Directives and Standards. Conformance to CE requirements can be demonstrated only by stringent inspection and testing of products to European safety standards. Ace, a pioneer and market leader in India for CE Marking, has assimilated vast experience in CE testing and inspection.


Our team of qualified and experienced engineers will ensure your products are properly tested according to European, CE regulations.

Description: CE Mark - Noise emissions testing

Noise Emissions Testing

Noise emissions testing, too is a key element in CE Marking of all machinery, electrical equipment with moving parts. Noise emissions pose a serious health hazard for operators.

Learn more about many, interesting tests

Description: Hydraulic Overload Test for CE Marking

Hydraulic Overload Test


Hydraulic Overload Test is critical for CE Marking, for hydraulic components like cylinders, piping, valves, etc.

Description: Ball Pressure Test in progress inside the oven, for CE Marking

Ball Pressure Test inside oven

Ball Pressure Test, which is to check the thermal property of materials in CE Marking, is in progress inside the oven.

Description: Insulation Resistance Test for CE Marking

Insulation Resistance Test with Mega Ohm meter



Insulation resistance test is carried out with the Mega Ohm meter. Usually its value shall be more than 1MW.





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